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Apple TV 1 with Remote HD recognized but won't work as a session

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I have the old Apple TV (one) hacked to use Remote HD so that airplay works. This works fine for everything else but Acacia can't seem to use it. It is recognized (and the generic speaker is showing) but when I try to put it in a session it pops out again or it disappears until I restart Acacia. It would be very nice if it could work - any ideas?

asked Mar 16, 2014 by user841 (9 points)
retagged Sep 27, 2014 by user1
If rebooting the AppleTV fixed this issue, you should put it as the answer (and then mark it as selected) rather than as an edit to your question.
Now the Apple TV 1 is not visible at all. It is otherwise working so I hesitate to reboot it again. I'm not sure what has changed other then an OS update on my ipad. I'll wait to see if it fixes it self or if others have ideas - then I'll try rebooting the ATV if I have too.
It seems that if my MacBook Air is on then the ATV1 is visible ...
Are there two speaker icons showing up in the front-end controller for this 1st-Gen AppleTV, one of them with "-RHD" appended to it? If so, which one are you having problems streaming to?
This is starting to sound more like a bug. You should contact support by reporting it:

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Rebooting atv1 seems to have resolved this. Now I see an Apple TV icon and can run it as a session.

answered Mar 17, 2014 by user841 (9 points)