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Do you plan to offer your software for ARM processors?

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In my home i set up a few RaspberryPi-based multimedia centers, since Rasberry Pi is affordable, supports AirPlay and can play any video/audio format i might have.

Therefore i would LOVE if i could install your software on RaspberryPi running one of linux distributions.

Many thanks!

asked Jun 19, 2014 by user308 (5 points)
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Support for Raspberry Pi and other ARM variants is on the roadmap.

answered Aug 27, 2014 by user66 (450 points)
selected Aug 27, 2014 by user1
Any update or ETA on the Raspberry Pi support? This would be such a win!
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Are you wanting to use a Raspberry Pi to store all of your music? Or do you just want each Raspberry Pi multimedia center to be a target to play music to?

If it is #2, then you should be able to install shairport on each raspberry pi to make them Airplay targets. Then Plethra should see them as a location to play to. Chances are they won't be in sync with other computers and airport expresses, but they should at least play in sync with each other.

answered Jun 19, 2014 by user950 (17 points)
There is a version of shairport called shairport-sync that actually plays in sync with other airplay devices. I run it on a raspberry pi with a usb DAC and have playin sync with an airport express and iMac using iTunes.