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How do you configure a headless server?

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I installed the audio|acacia server on a headless linux machine via ssh but how do I get to the configuration page remotely?

asked Oct 8, 2014 by user317 (21 points)
edited Oct 8, 2014 by user1

1 Answer

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Did you follow the directions for setting up a Linux back-end server as detailed here:

Perhaps the back-end-server isn't running as root? It currently needs to run as root so that it can set thread priorities on audio related tasks, otherwise it will crash.

Assuming you're connected to the same network, you should be able to just open config|acacia ( in any modern web-browser on a different machine and automatically see the linux machine. config|acacia connects to all the back-end servers running on the network and presents them in the same interface together. So you don't need to be opening the web-based version of config|acacia on the same machine that is running a back-end server.

answered Oct 8, 2014 by user66 (450 points)