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Is there an API to control the system ? That would allow us to create "drivers" for home automation systems.

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Well, that's pretty much it. Crestron/RTI/Savant programmers are able to write drivers/profiles for pretty much anything. Your software/hardware would be a nice fit for high-end home automation systems. I mean, it's pretty impressive as a standalone solution, but if we want to integrate it, we need an API. Zone control. Volume. Power. Source browsing and choosing.

asked Dec 28, 2014 by user1079 (6 points)

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Yes there is an API.

It is currently not documented, but it will be publicly available within the next few months. If you wanted to get a head start, you are welcome to review the Web Controller source code ( The point of interest would be the "controller.js" file. Please also note that the API is subject to change, however no changes have been made for quite some time and no changes are currently planned.

answered Dec 28, 2014 by user1 (1,094 points)