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Nothing showing on iPhone or iPad app

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I have recently downloaded the software on my Mac and can see sources on the left (including my iPhone, iPad and apple tv) and control rooms on the right but when using the app on the iPad and iPhone I can't see any sources on the left or control anything on the right.

In the screen all I can see if my Mac and I can't see the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, is this correct?

asked Mar 16, 2015 by user1107 (7 points)
edited Mar 19, 2015 by user1
Yes, it is normal and expected to not see mobile devices and AirPlay devices via This app is only meant for desktop computers.

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This same issue occurred on both my iPhone and iPad. What worked for me, to get things showing up in the iOS app again, was to go into Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

Resetting network settings in iOS

answered Dec 10, 2015 by user115 (6 points)
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This is sometimes a result of an atypical network configuration.

How to Troubleshoot:

  1. Make sure your devices are all connected to the same wireless network. audio|acacia can only see devices that are on the same subnet (i.e. broadcast domain).
  2. Power Cycle your router, especially if your router is an Apple product (i.e. AirPort Extreme or AirPort Express). Sometimes Bonjour (i.e. zeroconf) will unknowingly cache outdated records on the router.
  3. If you have more than one Wireless Access Point in your network (e.g. multiple Airport Express devices connected to the same network to expand your WiFi coverage area), make sure that the "Router Mode:" is set to "Off (Bridge Mode)" for all the access points and that only one device is enabled as the router that connects to the internet. If you have more than one device configured as the router, you've just inadvertently created a "Double NAT" scenario. Essentially a "network within a network". In this scenario, the devices connected to the outer network will be able to see the devices in the inner network, but not the other way around. So there is a possibility that your Mac is connected to the "outer" network while your iDevices are connected to the "inner" network.
answered Mar 19, 2015 by user66 (450 points)