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iPhone 6 hangs after a phone call if app is running

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If the app is running and I take a phone call the phone freezes after the call and after a couple of minutes I get a complete blue screen then the phone reboots with the apple logo.

asked Mar 16, 2015 by user1107 (7 points)
It looks to me like it is an issue with IOS 8.2
I'm thinking the same thing, this must be an iOS bug. I don't experience this issue when tested on an iPhone 5S running iOS 8.1.3. For me, the music fades out on my phone and then resumes playing once my phone call ends.
The problem appears to lie with the 8.1 software updates. Did you update via iTunes, or directly on the phone? If you upgraded from the phone, chances are that's the reason you get this bug.

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This sounds like a bug that should be reported.

answered Feb 29, 2016 by user1 (1,094 points)