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I don't see any of my music libraries in audio|acacia

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I have iTunes and Windows Media Player installed and many files in their libraries, but they don't show up audio|acacia. What haven't I done? Am I missing something?

asked Jan 15, 2013 by user322 (5 points)
retagged Jan 16, 2013 by user1
Are you able to check if the Bonjour service is running?

Open up services.msc and look for 'Bonjour Service'. Make sure it's running. If it's not, right-click and select start.

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audio|acacia is designed to find these media libraries automatically for you. If you don't see them in any Front-End Controller interface, please report it as a bug.

Note: Windows Media Player libraries won't show up until you've logged into Windows as the user who owns the library. This is a limitation of Windows.

answered Jan 15, 2013 by user66 (450 points)
selected Jan 16, 2013 by user322
After reading all the comments, I un-installed, re-installed and then started the Back-End Server manually. My iTunes and WMP libraries are now visible. Seems there may have been an install issue.
Thanks for the help.