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audio|acacia server can´t find my iTunes library on Windows 8.1 machine

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audio|acacia isn't finding my iTunes library. I have the server installed on a Windows 8.1 computer. It is able to find the Windows Media Player library.

My iTunes library is in /Music/iTunes

asked Jul 12, 2015 by user1175 (3 points)
edited Aug 14, 2015 by user1
I'm having a similar problem one of three windows 10 installations.

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This may be caused by a fresh install of iTunes 12 or higher, if and when it was not updated from a previous version. In this case audio|acacia will fail to detect the iTunes library because the "iTunes Library XML" is not being shared with third party applications in the iTunes preferences.

The problem and solution is fully described in our setup guide found here.

If the library is still not detected after a service restart you can get help here.

answered Sep 8, 2015 by user1 (1,094 points)