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How to solve latency issues

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Hi all

I am running the demo server on raspbian/Pi2 hdmi to tv, I have two older Pi, one running Musicbox, the other Volumio, both analog output. I also tried the app on android, and 'this browser' (iceweasel on crunchbang linux)

They all work very well, but in the same session none of them are synced. Starting, pausing or seeking doesn't make any difference.

I am playing music from the 8tracks link and haven't tried music stored on the Pi, as I cannot get it to pick up any folders/libraries through config.plethra

Is there a way to adjust the latency through acacia, or would it be a case of trying on each ones OS? From memory (it was only yesterday!) the Pi running Musicbox plays first, so I am going to put that on the other Pi too, and report back.

Many thanks for any help.


asked Jan 27, 2016 by user1379 (26 points)

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Thanks Aaron for support email, I did think to change to beta, but didn't actually get round to it, you know what it's like!
I have changed now, and have full access to folders, thank you.

As regards the latency issue, I have listed them in order of hearing, i.e which plays the track in front of the other, not which starts first, if that makes sense?

Pi analog musicbox
Pi analog volumio
Chromecast audio (just added to test)
thisbrowser (iceweasel on linux) / Pi2 raspbian analog audio with hdmi display (in sync)

Reading up on musicbox settings.ini there is a setting to adjust latency, but this didn't help

Will now try snapcast on the Pi's and crunchbang from this post

This is available at

Don't have much hope to bring the chromecast in sync, butwill report back as to how the others performed.

Cheers, Del

answered Jan 29, 2016 by user1379 (26 points)
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