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Latency adjustment between Airplay Google Cast and Sound Card outputs

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Is there a way to adjust the latency between the various audio outputs? Mixed audio outputs are really out of sink when playing the same source. Example: playing same source to Airplay speakers, google cast audio, and to acacia server connected to soundcard.

asked Feb 8, 2016 by user1411 (10 points)
Hello? Is there anybody out there? To add additional info. I am experiencing latency issue between normal sound card zones and a google cast audio devices. The sound card zones lag behind the google cast audio device.

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Every sink in a session is designed to playback in sync regardless of the output type.

That being said there currently are some scenarios where playback can be perceptibility out of sync.

  1. The output device is connected by something that has a high latency and that latency is not negotiated (ie HDMI, Bluetooth, etc).
  2. The network paths to each output device have high differences in round trip time.

We currently have the ability to manually adjust the sync between output devices but is only used for internal testing and the setting is not saved. Eventually we plan on making this feature a public part of the configuration client. Feel free to add it to the feature request list to increase its priority.

If you do not fall into one of those categories then submit a bug report.

answered Feb 29, 2016 by user1 (1,094 points)
edited Mar 2, 2016 by user1
Thanks for the the answer. Have you guys tested the new google cast audio? I am seeing a significant delay between sound card zones and google cast audio zones. Again, this is the google cast audio device and not the generic google cast with the hdmi out.
We have tested the new google cast audio with mixed results. Feedback from you may help us improve the integration. Feel free to get in touch by reporting a bug.
I experience the same issue with ChromeCast 2 (through HDMI into a receiver) and ChromeCast Audio. At the moment the ChromeCast 2 i slightly delayed compared to phones and PCs and the ChromeCast Audio is slightly ahead. However, I believe this has varied a bit.

The Android devices (3) and PCs (2) I have testet are spot on all the time. If possible I would very much like to do any testing that might help you improve this matter.

I am running the beta version at the moment.