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Incompatible Software List - audio|acacia [closed]

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We have designed audio|acacia to play nicely with all other applications, however other applications don't always reciprocate. This is a list of software known to interfere with audio|acacia.

If you find any other software that is incompatible with audio|acacia, please click here to report a bug so it can be investigated and/or added to the list.

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asked May 11, 2016 by user1 (1,094 points)
closed Aug 1, 2016 by user1

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Sonos Music Control App - On Mac this application will make an exclusive lock on the UPnP port 1900 and not allow any other applications to use it. This is considered bad programming practice especially since many applications will want to use UPnP. You can still use this application but only after audio|acacia has started which will prevent it from taking an exclusive lock.

answered Aug 1, 2016 by user1 (1,094 points)