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Auto-update library in audio|acacia after automatic music download in always-on iTunes (WHS)?

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I am trying to determine the best way to create a networked audio distribution setup and will first provide some background information. I plan to run iTunes on a Windows Home Server for several reasons that are interrelated:

  1. I use iTunes exclusively for music playback and currently use AirPlay on several speakers.
  2. I purchase/add 99.9% of my music through iTunes.
  3. Purchases are almost always made on-the-go on my iPhone or iPad.
  4. I want my library available anywhere in the house.
  5. The WHS setup allows my networked library to stay up-to-date via automatic downloads of new content.
  6. I want to set the system up once and not have to touch it again (this is really to make the system easier to use for friends and family).

With the foregoing in mind, is there a way to have audio|acacia auto-update playlists without the necessity of restarting iTunes? This will not really be an option, since iTunes is supposed to run 24/7 on my WHS or possibly a Rasberry Pi if I can get over the Linux hurdle

END GOAL: I want to have song purchases made on, e.g., my iPhone automatically and seamlessly integrate with my media setup with no manual input. Can audio|acacia handle this?

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In theory yes. I've personally never tested this, but it should work with audio|acacia out of the box. audio|acacia updates its iTunes playlists whenever iTunes itself makes a change to its own XML file. When a change in iTunes occurs, changes to the XML file typically occur right away. I've noticed that for basic things like song play counts and spelling changes to fields, iTunes sometimes waits to make changes to the XML (bulk processing perhaps?). However in the cases where new media is added, like via an automatic download, the update should occur right away. Keep in mind that audio|acacia is unable to play DRM protected songs so you'd need to make sure the downloads are of the newer "iTunes Plus" DRM-free variety (which has been default in iTunes for quite some time now).

answered Apr 27, 2013 by user66 (450 points)
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Thanks for the response! I will update the thread with a concrete answer if I am granted a beta license.

Although I mostly purchase iTunes Plus songs, I have many songs that are DRM protected. This is an issue that can be solved (see, so hopefully Plethra will work out a solution.
The extravegetables solution simply controls an instance of iTunes, so its still iTunes itself that is playing the DRM music. They just feed the audio output from the computer into a Control4 system and control the iTunes instance with the extravegetables driver. I discovered this while watching their first demo video in the link you gave above.

There are other ways of circumventing the iTunes DRM, but such discussion is not fit for this site. I still have hope that someday we will see a DRM solution integrated into audio|acacia. :)