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My library/playlists don't update in audio|acacia after making changes in iTunes

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After removing/adding playlists in iTunes, the changes aren't showing in the Acacia web interface.
Refreshing the page doesn't help.

asked Jan 10, 2013 by user357 (55 points)
edited Jan 10, 2013 by user1

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You may need to open iTunes once more for the changes to show in audio|acacia.

Open iTunes and make some changes to your library. Now close iTunes. Open iTunes once more and the playlist/library changes you have made should replicate and will now be visible in audio|acacia.

answered Jan 10, 2013 by user357 (55 points)
This is because changes don't get seen in audio|acacia until iTunes writes to its XML file, which doesn't necessarily happen right away. But closing iTunes will definitely cause the library to update.