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Does audio|acacia support RS232 communication to my Russound CAM6.6T ?

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To control my Russound CAM6.6 and to send information to the in-wall keypads I need to setup communication through RS232 (COM1). Does anyone have any experience with this? I could not find it in the software or documentation.

asked Jul 13, 2013 by user634 (2 points)
retagged Sep 27, 2014 by user1

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audio|acacia does not currently support control of the Russound CAA, CAV, or CAM amplifiers and in-wall keypad controllers. Perhaps if there are enough requests from users, this feature could be added.

However, there is nothing precluding you from using your CAM6.6 as a basic multi-channel amplifier. Setup would be pretty simple. Using the outputs on sound cards a computer running the audio|acacia Back-End Server software, you could create up to 6 rooms/zones that you then feed into the CAM6.6 source inputs, one source input directly corresponding to one room/zone. Then you let audio|acacia handle the switching of sources and the audio synchronization.

answered Jul 17, 2013 by user66 (450 points)
Thanks, I have already done exactly as you mention. However I would like to see the name of the song played in a particular source on my in-wall keypads. Also I would like to be able to switch sources on and off and control volume from the audio|acacia application.
That would be a cool feature. I suggest you make an official request via the feedback page at: