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How do I split up sound card outputs to make additional rooms/zones?

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I've started the back-end server service and it only shows me only one zone (named after my computer). I have more outputs available. How can I configure it into more zones? If I click on the computer icon in the interface it just gives me EQ nothing more.

asked Jul 16, 2013 by user609 (34 points)
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Configuration of additional sound card outputs to create more zones is done via the system configuration utility, found at

The utility also allows you to do other things such as set a max volume limit for a zone, create an availability schedule for a zone (i.e. times of the day you can play to the zone), and assign a custom icon to the zone.

answered Aug 17, 2014 by user66 (450 points)
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Great can't wait to get home to try this new feature out and find any bugs in it.

So I got home and tried to configure this. I have my on board sound that has 5 output pairs and one addtional usb DAC. Also the onboard has a spdif output.

It is seeing the DAC as one the spdif as another and the 5 stereo pairs as one. Is it possible to split the stereo pairs off into individual or do I need to buy a separate sound card for this to work due to a limitation with the onboard? Thanks.

Other than that it works great.
You have an on-board card with 5 output pairs? Meaning 10 channels total? I've never heard of such a device. Do you mean to say a 5.1 channel surround card? A 5.1 channel card should show up as 3 stereo pairs, and a 7.1 channel card as 4 stereo pairs. If this is not the case, check the operating system's sound control panel to make sure that it is configured correctly there.
bah. No sorry. I was not thinking clearly. I am only seeing one stereo pair instead of the 4 that I should be in a 7.1 setup. I tried updating drivers to the card and still just one pair.
well as my luck would have it after I make myself look silly I figure out the answer. Have to have soundcard preconfigured for 7.1 and then restart acacia. It then works properly.