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When registering a network audio|acacia tells me that my street address is invalid

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The front-end is asking me to register my network with an arbitrary network name and my physical street address. I am putting 'home' in the name but when I enter in my street address, it says the address is invalid.

What should I be entering in for my street address?

asked Oct 4, 2013 by user702 (2 points)
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I have a similar problem, however it is becuase the country i am in is not well serviced by google maps.

I am currently right here:

Please let me know what i can put in to register.  I am trying to test this software to see if it is suitable for the local hospital, to see if it can be used as a PA system.

The address is no longer a requirement to register. So if google maps is having a hard time finding your address, you can just leave it blank. Or specify a city name instead.

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You should be entering in the physical street address where the network is located. This is analogous to the "Shipping Address" for the software license. If you are curious why this information is collected and how it is used, you can view Plethra's Privacy Policy. If you provide a fake or incorrect address, you run the risk of having your license revoked.

The street address can be entered free-form and the closest match will be returned. This means that you could enter in a partial address (ex. '5280 Alkire') and the closest full address will be returned (ex. '5280 S. Alkire St., Littleton, CO 80127, United States'). This is done using the Google Maps service, so it takes into account your current public IP address when returning its best guess.

When validating the address, audio|acacia will return back with a formatted address and map. If the formatted address and map are wrong, you should go back and try being more specific.

If you are receiving an invalid address error, it may be because you are not providing a specific enough address (e.x. 'Basement') or that the address is unknown at this time. If you still receive an error, you should contact Support.

answered Oct 4, 2013 by user66 (450 points)