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Feature Request List - audio|acacia

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We have hundreds of ideas on how we want to make audio|acacia better. But ultimately it is the requests from our users that drive where we focus our development efforts. For this reason, we have created this official feature request list.

Here is how it works:

-UpVote the Features that you want to see implemented the most
-DownVote the Features that you believe will never be useful to you
-If a Feature you want to suggest doesn't exist, add it as an Answer
-The "Selected Answer" is the requested feature we are currently working on implementing

Once a feature from this list has been implemented, it will be removed and a new feature from the list will be chosen.

asked Oct 10, 2013 by user1 (1,094 points)

41 Answers

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"Listening Session" Equalization Settings:
The ability to set EQ settings for an entire listening session, not just for individual rooms/zones.

answered Oct 10, 2013 by user1 (1,094 points)
edited Oct 11, 2013 by user1